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Location: Sliema

Baths 2
Beds 6
Garages 1
€ 398 ,000
Baths 2
Beds 4
Garages -
€ 695 ,000
Baths 4
Beds 6
Garages 1
€ 400 ,000
Baths 1
Beds 2
Garages 1 Optional
€ 285 ,000
Baths 2
Beds 4
Garages 1
€ 2 ,500 per month
Baths -
Beds -
Garages -
On Request
Baths 3
Beds 4
Garages +120€ per month
€ 2 ,300 per month
Baths 2
Beds 8
Garages 2 Car
€ 1 ,400 ,000


Sliema started off as nothing more than yet another fishing village. During the colonial period it transformed into a fashionable resort for the wealthy families of Valletta. The town slowly grew in capacity when the British settled in, and buildings increased to the point where a first parish church was constructed - the church of Stella Maris, which today is considered to be the mother parish of the town. Several families whose homes had been destroyed during World War II decided to relocate to Sliema, and thereon the Sliema
community established itself firmly.

Sought After Areas

Tigne Shopping Mall
Ghar id-Dud
Exiles Bay

Apartments in Sliema – Summary

The Sliema real estate market is considered to be Malta’s major area for investment.
Throughout the years the promenade has been refined into one of the outstanding skylines
in the Mediterranean. These seafront apartments come in most shapes and sizes with
diverse layouts, the majority being between two and four bedroom apartments with
medium to large sized terraces overlooking the Mediterranean. Glancing into the side
streets of Sliema one will find a number of apartment buildings as well as beautiful
townhouses. These townhouses are impressive houses that go back years, all having 2/3
floors, with high ceilings and back yards.

Prices in Sliema

2015 3 bedroom apartment cost €350,000 to buy
2015 3 bedroom apartment cost €2,500 to rent monthly

Why Live in Sliema?

Whilst walking along the Sliema 'Front' - which is a lengthened and winding coastal
promenade overlooking rocky beaches, numerous play grounds and various gardens - one
also passes by an old fort which has been transformed into a restaurant. One can also see a
17th century watch tower for which ‘Tower Road’ itself is named after.
Sliema has a huge rental demand since it is a 5-10 minute walk or a bus ride to either St.
Julian’s or the Sliema Ferries area - where most office space is located locally. Many
expatriates also prefer to be in Sliema. With no real cost of transport to the place of work, it
is an ideal place to live.
There are play grounds practically every 200/300 meters along the promenade which are
ideal for locals and expatriates to take their children out to play. Then there are districts
with very specific names, such as Għar id-Dud, Qui-Si-Sana, Dragut Point, Font Għadir,
Fortina, Savoy, The Strand and Tigne. Each district has its own unique characteristics. One
will easily familiarise himself with these specific places once they settle over in Malta.