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Location: Qormi

Baths 1
Beds 5
Garages -
€ 155 ,000


Qormi is located in the very central part of Malta, and is the fifth largest locality, a thriving and developing city. Ancient Roman remains have been unearthed in one of Qormi’s two valleys, which indicate that it may have been inhabited in antiquity. It was during medieval times that Qormi started to flourish steadily, until 1743 when Grandmaster De Pinto granted his name along with the title of ‘Città’ upon Qormi. Its motto ‘Rising from the low’ reflects on Qormi’s humble beginnings. One of the many things that Qormi is famous for is its bakeries. For centuries it served as the main supplier of bread for the whole island. Qormi became well-known for its horse racing throughout the years, especially with horse breeders. For those who are interested in property in Qormi, there is a variety of different types of homes available for sale and for rent - from modern apartments to penthouses and more.

Sought After Areas

The local Parish Feasts
The Horse Race Track
The Marsa Sports Complex

Apartments in Qormi – Summary

Although Qormi is a very busy city, it joys in high-end property both on the outskirts with its rich greenery and with the city centre where old palazzos and town houses are located. Qormi’s quaint and intact properties are rich in gardens and pool areas, set within the traditional Maltese limestone. Townhouses in Qormi are located in abundance, due to the area’s long history, and usually make excellent family homes and bachelor pads with their seemingly innate ambience of comfort. Modern and newly built houses are available too, along with designer maisonettes and penthouses.

Prices in Qormi

2015 3 bedroom apartment cost €150,000 to buy
2015 3 bedroom penthouse cost €140,000 to buy
2015 3 bedroom apartment cost €500 to rent monthly
2015 3 bedroom penthouse cost €700 to rent monthly

Why Live in Qormi?

Qormi has grown into a flourishing locality, with easy connection to most of Malta. This made possible by being set along two of Malta’s arterial roads leading to all directions around the island. Qormi has two parishes, one dedicated to St George and another to St Sebastian. Two valleys, Malta’s largest, adorn the area, one of which serves as a drainage system for winter rain, making the area’s natural habitat greener in scenery. It is a busy area for shopping, having a large commercial area, as well as a lot of specialised and select outlets. Qormi can be found adjacent to the Marsa Sports Complex, the national complex for outdoor sports and recreational activities.