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Location: Ħamrun

Baths -
Beds 2
Garages N/A
€ 175 ,000
Baths -
Beds 3
Garages N/A
€ 120 ,000


Hamrun is located in a very densely populated part of Malta, where the towns and villages practically merge into each other. Hamrun is built on a plain and due to its more recent establishment, does not possess the winding roads characteristic of older Maltese villages.
St.Ġorġ Preca (founder of the Society of Christian Doctrine) lived most of his life in Ħamrun. He is buried in a Chapel in Ħamrun. Hamrun gave birth to several important artists and men of letters. Notable persons from Ħamrun are the actor and lyrical singer Oreste Kirkop who is remembered mostly for his role in The Vagabond King, and Maltese poet and theatre director Mario Azzopardi. The feast of St. Gaetano is celebrated annually on the first Sunday after August 7th. There are two main band clubs in town, and there is great rivalry between them. St. Gaetano’s band is known as ‘tat-Tamal’, while the other, St. Joseph is known as ‘tal-Miskina’.

Sought After Areas

St.Gaetano Parish Church
The Local Sports Club
Daniels Shopping Mall

Apartments in Hamrun – Summary

Hamrun is one of the centralised towns in Malta. Made up mainly of a working class society it is an ideal suburb to raise a family, it being surrounded by different schools and academic and cultural amnesties.

Prices in Hamrun

2015 3 bedroom apartment cost €200,000 to buy
2015 3 bedroom apartment cost €500 to rent monthly

Why Live in Hamrun?

Home to approcimately 9,000 peope, Hamrun’s roads are straight and it comes
closer to the model of most modern cities. Its bustling atmosphere, with all
sorts of shops and businesses, also make it as busy as you could expect of the
island's capital, nearby Valletta.
Ħamrun can boast that several historic transport services used to pass through
it. The most notable means of transport that used to pass in Ħamrun was
the Malta Railway, known in Maltese as ‘il-vapur tal-art’. Today the former
train station is used as the headquarters for the Ħamrun Scout group which is
one of the oldest scout groups in the world. Another transport service which
used to pass through the town was that of the Tram.
Ħamrun has the largest concentration of schools in Malta. The oldest schools
of Ħamrun are the Government Primary Schools. These schools cater for
students from the age of 3 to 11 years.