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Location: Floriana

Baths 1
Beds 1
Garages N/A
€ 900 per month


Floriana is located just outside the capital city of Malta, Valletta. The origins of Floriana date back to 1634 when Grandmaster de Paule, sensing another attack by the Ottoman Turks, brought over an Italian engineer, Pietro Paolo Floriani, who built further fortifications in the town. And this is from where Floriana gets its name. Floriana was meant to be a suburb of Valletta, but it developed to be a town on its own. It covers an area of 133 acres and has a population of around 2,600 people. The town offers a rich history with a number of historic buildings, churches, gardens and monuments that shed a light on the Maltese history.

Sought After Areas

Portes des Bombes
Herbert Ganado Gardens
Argotti Botanical Gardens

Apartments in Furjana – Summary

Although Furjana is a busy city, it joys in high-end property both on the outskirts with its rich greenery and with the city centre where old palazzos and town houses are located. Furjana’s quaint and intact properties are rich in gardens, set within the traditional Maltese limestone. Townhouses in Furjana are located in abundance, due to the area’s long history, and usually make excellent family homes with their seemingly innate ambience of comfort. Modern and newly built houses are available too, along with designer maisonettes and penthouses.

Prices in Furjana

2015 3 bedroom apartment cost €150,000 to buy
2015 3 bedroom apartment cost €600 to rent monthly

Why Live in Furjana?

Floriana has the biggest numbers of gardens in Malta. The three main gardens
in the town are The Mall, Argotti and St. Philip Gardens.
Floriana offers an immense heritage and a rich history - the buildings,
churches, gardens and monuments provide an insight into Malta’s political and
social past form the time of the Knights of St John to this present day.
These are deep large holes dug into the ground built with the purpose of
storing grains. The containers are covered with large circular stones that are
sealed with cement to keep the grains fresh. The granaries, also known as ilfosos,
are one of the largest open spaces in Malta and are therefore often used
for large gatherings such as political mass meetings and music concert,
including the globally famed Isle of MTV.