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Type: Penthouse

Baths 2
Beds 4
Garages -
350 ,000 €


Penthouses are the building right at the top of the apartment building- the cherry on the cake so to speak. They are awesome for a variety of reasons, but the most obvious one is the fact that you are the king of that particular apartment block castle.


In a penthouse, you get a whole floor to yourself, as opposed to apartments, where sometimes two or three are integrated into a single floor. The net benefit of this is a lot of area, which often translates into more and larger rooms. Kitchens get bigger and bathrooms often increase in number, with a main bathroom and one or two ensuites, which is handy if you are a family. However, all that extra area isn’t used only for building up the living quarters.


Penthouses tend to have pretty large terraces. An open air space is very versatile. If you are into gardening or cooking, you can have your own rooftop garden nurturing either flowers, herbs, vegetables or all three. There is something quite beautiful about the juxtaposition of concrete 5 or 7 stories beneath you and the slow but sure pace of that sprout of greenery. Alternatively, you can turn it into a lovely spot for friends with the addition of a barbecue and a few lounge chairs. Or if you are more practically inclined, you can just as easily transform it into a place where you can hang your laundry and do some reading under an umbrella. The possibilities are endless!


Being so high up has its perks, like leaving the noisy world below you. The sound of city life just dies down to a low frequency drone that lulls you to sleep if you open your windows. Or you can just silence it completely by closing them. And the fact that there is no one else living above you means no pesky footsteps as your neighbour is doing her dance routine. Though you have to be mindful of the people living below you, being the king of the castle doesn’t give you the right to be mean.


Penthouses aren’t always synonymous with luxury apartments. That is, you can find penthouses that are located in non luxury blocks. But often, even these are fully furnished with high end furniture and equipped with all sorts of fancy electronics and gadgets.


Penthouses provide a tremendous bump in privacy. Some would argue that since you are so high up, it’s better than a house. This is true for both the outside areas, since the windows and terraces are set back from the building’s perimeter walls, and the inside, where penthouse owners often get their own lift or stairs.


The view from high up really is something, especially if it’s either of the seafront or a city’s central business district.

Communal living

Every penthouse owner has a choice. Either be aloof and use the private elevator or stairs and never talk to anyone else from the block, or be friends with everyone. The latter one is more fun of course, especially since many blocks these days have a common pool which all the tenants can use. Some higher end penthouses come with their own private pools, but those are more of the exception. Still, as with any apartment, you can get utilities collectively for a much cheaper price.

Any disadvantages?

Well, there is one in Malta. If the power goes out, you’ll have to use the stairs to get your groceries up, though 30 minutes a day of exercise is the key to a healthy heart, so cheer up. It is also worth pointing out that sometimes, a ground floor level large apartment with a garage is also marketed by agents as a penthouse. While these are bound to be great, they are more like very large apartments and luxury apartments rather than penthouses. And no, you aren’t king of the castle in one of those.